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Integrated Hybrid Advertising For The Arizona White Mountain Region

goWhiteMountains.com The White Mountains Best Advertising Platform

The goWhiteMountains.com project built a huge, targeted, audience of customers, who want to know about your product or service. Then we authentically connect you with them.

  • Surveys show that only 13% of Arizona residents have ever heard of the Arizona White Mountains.
  • More than half of them think it’s Flagstaff.
  • The opportunity to grow the regional ecconomy and your business is HUGE!

  Advertising Rate Card for goWhiteMountains Platform Channels

About Us:

The following data is averaged from our first year of operation. Having supassed our highest projections, it is projected to continue advancing significantly in the upcoming second year period which runs from July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2025.

  • Facebook Monthly Impressions:  ≈ 1,000,000
  • Facebook Monthly Reach:  ≈ 500,000
  • Website Monthly Click-Throughs from Facebook:  ≈ 30,000
  • Facebook Followers: 115,000+
  • Instagram Followers: 103,000+
  • Social Engagement Rate:  ≈ 22%
  • Ad Audience Targeting: 79.6% Arizona Residents within an easy drive to the destination

Advertising Options:

Social Media Ads

  • Facebook Sponsored Post: $400 per post
  • Instagram Sponsored Post: $350 per post
  • Combined Facebook & Instagram Sponsored Post: $600 per post

Banner Ads

  • Header Banner (728×90): $10 CPM
  • Sidebar Banner (300×250): $8 CPM
  • Footer Banner (728×90): $6 CPM

Sponsored Posts on Blog (Sponsored posts are priced per week for the site and per day for social media)

  • Standard Sponsored Post: $500 (run of site)
  • Featured Sponsored Post (Homepage + Social Media Promotion): $800

Newsletter Ads

  • Top Banner (600×200): $300 per email
  • Sponsored Content: $400 per email

Native Ads

  • In-Content Ad: $350 per post (plus production)


Advertising Packages (prices discounted based upon an annual agreement)

Silver Package: $1,500/month

  • Header Banner
  • Sidebar Banner
  • Standard Sponsored Post
  • One Facebook Sponsored Post

Gold Package: $2,500/month

  • Header Banner
  • Sidebar Banner
  • Footer Banner
  • Featured Sponsored Post
  • Newsletter Top Banner Ad
  • One Combined Facebook & Instagram Sponsored Post

Platinum Package: $4,000/month

  • Header Banner
  • Sidebar Banner
  • Footer Banner
  • Two Featured Sponsored Posts
  • Newsletter Top Banner Ad
  • Two Combined Facebook & Instagram Sponsored Posts
  • Social Media Campaign


Promotional Add-Ons

  • Additional Facebook Sponsored Post: $350 per post
  • Additional Instagram Sponsored Post: $300 per post
  • Social Media Story Post (Facebook & Instagram): $250 per story
  • Google Ads Campaign: Custom pricing based on budget and duration
  • Social Media Boost: $200 per boosted post


Site Sponsor – Directory Promotions

  • Sponsor – “Dominate” Program $297 per month
  • Sponsor – “Accelerate” Program $197 per month


Contact Us

  • Email: info@gowhitemountains.com
  • Phone: 928-275-1778

Why Advertise With Us?

With a focus on the vibrant and adventurous Arizona White Mountains, our travel blog and active social media channels attract a highly engaged audience of Arizona residents eager to explore and participate in local events. Our multi-channel promotion through Google and social media ads ensures your content reaches a wide and relevant audience, driving high engagement and conversions.

Join us in promoting the best of the Arizona White Mountains and connect with potential customers who are ready to experience all that this beautiful region has to offer.

By providing these various advertising options, we ensure that your brand gets the visibility and engagement it deserves. Reach out to us to learn more and to start promoting your business with us today!

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